The corner of Sveavägen and Odengatan. The buildings are to be demolished to make room for the Stockholm City Library. Photo: Johan Wennermark, 1924.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the City

See what the outskirts of Stockholm looked like at the time of the construction of City Hall.

About the exhibition

When: February 11—September 24 2023
Where: Floor 0
Free admission

Stockholm City Hall was built during a time of transition. It was a period when Stockholm was transitioning from a dirty, industrial city to a modern metropolis.

The City Hall was just one of many large construction projects that got underway before WWI. At the time though, in terms of area, Stockholm was still a rather small city. What was then considered the outskirts is what we today regard as the inner city.

In the exhibition you can compare the places as they looked then, with brand new photos. Would you be able to recognize the places today?

Kungsklippan and Kungsholmen Church then and now.

This exhibition is a supplement to the exhibition, “We who built the City Hall”, to show other parts of Stockholm’s inner city during the construction period of 1911—1923.

Lift ramp to the exhibition

There is a special entrance to the exhibition room with a lift ramp for wheelchairs. Maximum weight 225 kilograms. If you have a heavier chair or permobile, you can borrow an ordinary wheelchair to exchange with.