Clothed Croquis: Torment



Location: City Museum, auditorium floor 2

Price: 100–200 SEK

This event is in Swedish but if you enjoy life drawing you can join us anyway!

We go to the world of film for inspiration to draw after model in period clothes. This evening, a film from 1944 about abuse of power in school environment provides the clothing style.

The Swedish movie “Hets” (Torment) was directed by Alf Sjöberg and written by Ingmar Bergman. The movie tells the story of a sadistic Latin teacher who terrorizes his students and the consequences of his actions.

The clothes

In mid-1940s Sweden, school classes are still often gender-segregated.

As a boy you come to school well-dressed, preferably with a shirt, tie and jacket. Or a sweater. The hair is well-combed and the shoes polished. It is not about standing out but rather blending in with the form expected of a young man in 1940s Stockholm.

The costumes that the models wear during the evening’s croquis are selected to match the film’s clothing style. Artist Juha Nyberg leads the croquis (and gives tips and advice on technique and approach for those who so wish) and actress Lena Lövdahl presents the theme (in Swedish).

Please note that the film is not shown during the evening.


You bring your own material and possibly an easel. Or you can buy a croquis drawing set in the store. But of course, it works just as well to draw digitally on a tablet!

In collaboration with Independent Kostym.

Buy ticket

You need to buy a ticket to this program:

  • Adults, SEK 200
  • Children/young people under 19 years, SEK 100.

Costume Croquis