Clothed Croquis: They Call Us Misfits



Location: City Museum, auditorium floor 2

Price: 100–200 SEK

This event is in Swedish but if you enjoy life drawing you can join us anyway!

We go to the world of film for inspiration to draw after model in period clothes. This evening, one of the 1960s film successes provides the clothing style.

In the documentary “Dom kallar oss mods” (They Call Us Misfits), we meet Kenta and Stoffe, two friends who have grown up in Stockholm’s suburbs. Together with other so-called “mods” (a unique Swedish etiquette, nothing to do with mods from the rest of the known universe), they hang out in the newly built central city area where Sergels torg has just begun to become a gathering place for drug sales.

The film premiered in 1968, directed and written by Stefan Jarl and Jan Lindqvist. It was met with acclaim and many were deeply moved by the documentary approach.

Learn Swedish

The character “Pundar-Bosse” could be translated to Bosse the Stoner.

“Braj” —  cannabis.

Example phrase

“Hörru Pundar-Bosse, haru någe schyst braj å bjussa på?“

Dear Bosse the Stoner, could you please see if you could provide me with some nice cannabis?

The clothes

Their long hair and sloppy clothing style stand in sharp contrast to the hat-wearing officials in proper clothing who hurry past. Fringes on boots, large fluffy Afghan fur coats and sunglasses are part of the look. As well as elements of glossy China jackets on top of a worn T-shirt. Often with a cigarette in hand.

The costumes that the models wear during the evening’s croquis are selected to match the film’s clothing style. Artist Juha Nyberg leads the croquis (and gives tips and advice on technique and approach for those who so wish) and actress Lena Lövdahl presents the theme (in Swedish).

Please note that the film is not shown during the evening.


You bring your own material and possibly an easel. Or you can buy a croquis drawing set in the store. But of course, it works just as well to draw digitally on a tablet!

In collaboration with Independent Kostym.

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You need to buy a ticket to this program:

  • Adults, SEK 200
  • Children/young people under 19 years, SEK 100.

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