The few nice pieces of furniture and objects you own are placed in the large room. Children are not allowed to play around here! Photo: Francis Bruun.

Guided tour of the Barnrikehuset 1937

The two-room apartment shows how the Jonasson family lives at the end of the 1930s.

In 1937 the first families move into the new, publicly owned housing on Stickelbärsvägen at Roslagstull. This marks the start of a new era in the provision of housing in Sweden. This is the government's first attempt to provide good, modern housing for “large families of limited means”.

For many families, the kitchen’s gas stove is a luxurious novelty. Photo: Francis Bruun.

To qualify for an apartment on Stickelbärsvägen consisting of two rooms and a kitchen a family must have at least four children. The apartments are small but for families moving from run-down dwellings lacking running water and central heating the new housing is a taste of paradise. 

Hot and cold water, own flushing toilet and — bathtub! Not many people have that at the time. Photo: Francis Bruun.

There are fully modern kitchens and bathrooms in each apartment and access to a laundry facility.

Facts about tour

Location: Stickelbärsvägen 7, Östermalm
Group: Maximum 15 participants
Duration: About 60 minutes
Accessibility: Due to stairs to the apartment this tour is not accessible to people with wheelchairs or strollers.

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