Photo: Mattias Ek.

Stockholm 500 years in 50 minutes

Get a glimpse of Stockholm’s rich history spanning five centuries.

The City Museum is located in a 17th century palace filled with stories from the city’s past. And, what is history but a collection of stories? Let us find out what these stories can tell us about Stockholm.

In this tour of the museum, you will get a grip on the history of Stockholm and its development following the medieval period and up until today.

We walk through the Stockholm Exhibition and look at how the city has changed since the 16th century.

Starting off with the Reformation and onto The Swedish Empire, the terrible plague, industrialization and welcoming the tube as a means of faster transportation.

During the tour we discuss incidents that contributed to how the city evolved and what that may have meant for its inhabitants.

Facts about the guided tour

Duration: About 50 minutes
Accessibility: This tour is wheelchair and stroller friendly, but please notify us when booking if the elevator needs to be used for movement between floors.

Price for group booking

Tuesday—Friday at 11.15am—5pm: SEK 1,815
Tuesday and Thursday evening 5—8pm: SEK 2,750
Weekends 11.15am—5pm: SEK 2,750

School price, Tuesday—Friday 9am—5pm: SEK 950 per class. Universities, colleges, folk highschools and private schools at the post-secondary level pay regular prices.

Maximum 25 participants. Tour operators are not given a discount.

The program is VAT exempt.

Booking conditions

We confirm your booking by email. Once we have confirmed your order, the booking is binding.

You can cancel no later than 10 working days before the booked date. If you cancel later, you still have to pay.

Booking information

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Tuesday–Friday 09.30–11.30
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Telephone 08-508 31 620