Clothed Croquis: Man on the Roof



Location: City Museum, auditorium floor 2

Price: 100–200 SEK

This event is in Swedish but if you enjoy life drawing you can join us anyway!

We go to the world of film and get inspiration to draw after a model in period clothes. This evening one of the 1970s film successes provides the clothing style.

In “Mannen på taket” (Man on the Roof), Commissioner Beck takes on a murder committed at Sabbatsbergs hospital in Stockholm. The murdered turns out to be a police officer and the investigation that follows also shows that the victim was an extremely unpleasant person. The murderer barricades himself on a roof on Dalagatan and begins to shoot down police officers. Attempts to reach him by helicopter fail, and Beck is shot in the chest.

The film premiered in 1976 and was directed by Bo Wideberg. It is based on Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö’s book “The Abominable Man from Säffle”. The recording of the most spectacular scenes, which were made with stuntmen, actors and thousands of Stockholmers on Good Friday, April 16, 1976. Bo Widerberg filmed from a helicopter while production manager Stefan Jarl drove around in a car trying to control the various groups of extras.


We see a nice mix of wide ties, fur hats and suede jackets. Also a nice shirt with trench coat or jacket. The look can be topped off (at least in the world of film) with a large head bandage. And then we of course see one or two police uniforms.

The costumes that the models wear during the evening’s croquis are selected to match the film’s clothing style. Artist Juha Nyberg leads the croquis (and gives tips and advice on technique and approach for those who so wish) and actress Lena Lövdahl presents the theme (in Swedish).

Please note that the film is not shown during the evening.


You bring your own material and possibly an easel. Or you can buy a croquis drawing set in the store. But of course, it works just as well to draw digitally on a tablet!

In collaboration with Independent Kostym.

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