Photo: Simon Johansson.

Upcoming: A Familiar Place

Photographer Simon Johansson captures everyday moments in a Stockholm in transition.

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When: September 11—November 17, 2024
Where: Tunnvalvet, floor 0
Free admission

Simon Johansson was awarded the Lennart af Petersens Prize in 2023, and now his images are on display at the City Museum.

The jury’s motivation

“Through close and timeless images, Simon Johansson tells a moment at a time about a city in transition. His camera meets the gaze of both large and small Stockholmers, portraying their living environment with tenderness and humor. In a classic and respectful manner, often in black-and-white photographs, he highlights details of everyday life in the city that evoke wonder and warmth.”

The exhibition is curated by Anders Petersen and printed by Nikko Knösch.

Simon Johansson

Simon Johansson: Simon Johansson was born in 1963 and has been a photographer for many years. Some of his projects are collected in three award-winning books: “Across the Bridge” (Journal, 2016), “A Familiar Place” (Journal, 2018), and “The Young Ones” (Journal, 2019). He has received several scholarships, including the Sune Jonsson Scholarship in 2022, and also exhibited the same year at Fotografiens Hus in Oslo.

Lennart af Petersens Prize

The prize is established to reward a photographer who, in a personal and artistic way, tells something essential about the city as a living environment. The Lennart af Petersens Prize was established in 2003 and is Stockholm City’s photography prize.