“Punktjej” (Punk Girl). Embroidery by Maivor Ström.

Punk Embroidery

Creation. Knots. Heart stitches. Crow’s feet. Punk meets embroidery. Or perhaps it’s the other way around.

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When: May 31—September 15
Where: Floor 2
Free admission

What is punk?

That’s what the association Skapande Broderi Stockholm explored during the spring of 2024. Members who weren’t part of the punk movement immediately thought of safety pins, plaid pants, and unruly hairstyles. But was there more to it?

The members visited Stockholm City Museum’s current exhibition “STHLMS PÄRLOR!” featuring punk photographs by Hatte Stiwenius taken between 1978 and 1987. They also drew inspiration from record stores, books, vintage clothing, and old magazines.

Punk was visually distinct. Could this energy be transferred to embroidery? Were new approaches needed?

This is punk!

The project resulted in this exhibition, interpreting punk’s expressions. Perhaps in an unpolished and unpredictable embroidery. Maybe angry and political. Inspired by music, clothing, makeup. Perhaps tenderly observed. Perhaps even as a potential album cover.