Mr Schwan’ morning coffee is to be served. Photo: Mattias Ek.

City of Commerce and City of Industry

The city is filthy and overcrowded. But you can always go to the theatre!

City of Commerce 1720—1860, floor 2

Merchants become wealthy while ordinary people live through their brief allotted time. From the comfort of his home, wealthy merchant Mr Schwan can gaze out over Skeppsbron where tightly moored merchant ships are being loaded and unloaded.

Take your place on stage

The theatre is a popular form of entertainment and one of the few places where people of different social classes can meet.

Here, rural residents who have moved in become factory workers, beer deliverymen, pavers or perhaps deaconesses. Photo: Mattias Ek.

City of Industry 1860—1921, floor 2

The city is crowded with people from the countryside. Once here, there are jobs in industry, as servants or in positions such as clerks or shop assistants.

Think of the children

Destitute children roam the streets. If you’re wealthy, you can sponsor new children’s hospitals and schools for children with disabilities. Or make sure infants born into Stockholm’s needy are weighed and given clean milk.

Step behind the facade of the Münchenbryggeriet and experience the hard work of the brewery workers. But watch your fingers! Broken bottles and life-threatening machines are part of the job. Photo: Mattias Ek.

Stand up for your rights

As a labourer you join the union to protest long working hours and harsh working conditions. Your voices are raised against class and gender inequalities. And the fight for universal suffrage intensifies.