On Ryssgården, which we also can see outside the museum’s window, a Russian merchant displays his wares. He has the right to do so here, although under stringent control. And should war break out, he may instead find himself in a Swedish jail. Photo: Mattias Ek.

King’s City and Capital City

Welcome to a a small town 500 years ago, on the outskirts of northern Europe.

The King’s City 1527—1630, floor 1

We travel back in time to when Gustav Vasa seizes control of the Church and its wealth. Here you meet a Russian merchant and the wealthy widow Bökman, who is sleeping. And marvel at the long-forgotten silver treasure, recovered by some boys.

The most lavish noble palace is called Makalös. It belongs to the de la Gardie family and is located by the Kungsträdgården until the fire year 1825. Photo: Mattias Ek.

Capital City 1630—1720, floor 1

The city is now to be gentrified and become Sweden’s capital city. You can visit one of the potters, be horrified by the witch trials that are held right here in our building, enjoy flamboyant baroque and be dazzled by the noble palace Makalös.

But oh dear, the city is stricken by the plague. Best hurry along to Pharmacy Markattan and see if you can find a remedy! An option might be to visit the noisy tavern Källarstugan and forget the miserable times altogether in Bellman’s company.