Accessibility at the City Museum

With a few exceptions, the entire City Museum is accessible to everyone. We want you to be able to take part in as much as possible on your own terms.

We want to make Stockholm’s history come alive through built environments, backlit texts and tactile objects. With sound, light, animations and interactivity, we want to offer a place for discovery and learning in a way that suits you and everyone else.

The City Museum’s building from year 1680 is a listed building. It limits what we are able to do to create full accessibility throughout the building. But feel free to talk to one of our staff and we will help you!

Travel service address

The nearest address for taxis and travel services is Peter Myndes backe 6. Below at Ryssgården there is an elevator to the museum’s entrance floor.

Accessibility inside the museum

The museum is built on three floors and it is easy to get around with a wheelchair and walker. The only exception is at the top of the museum where there are steep stairs up to the Pihlqvist family’s home. Otherwise, there are always ramps as an alternative to stairs.

There is a special entrance to the room for temporary exhibitions on floor 0 with a lift ramp for wheelchairs. Maximum weight 225 kilograms. If you have a heavier chair or permobile, you can borrow an ordinary wheelchair to exchange with.

Hearing aid equipment

Fixed hearing loop

  • The information desk on floor 0
  • The auditorium on floor 2

Guided tours in the museum

You can borrow a portable receiver with headphones or with a separate inductive loop.


We welcome everyone to participate in our lectures and talks in the museum. Some seats for programs in the house can be reserved for visitors with special needs. Please contact us for available solutions!

City walks and city tours

On the program’s website, you can see if there are restrictions on accessibility. A city walk may include cobbled streets or stairs without a ramp; a house with a historical museum apartment may lack elevators.