A room for children and families, for tired legs and hungry bellies!

At the large lift hall from the square on floor 0, you will find Mellanrummet.

In an environment that stirs the imagination between a big city jungle and a water lily pond, you can settle down on a flower, angle for the old pike or feel like a giant among the high-rises!

Here you can read a little, play a little or eat your packed lunch. You can heat your food in the microwave.

On holidays, the room is staffed. Come and fill Mellanrummet with crafts and puzzles, color and shape!

Illustration: Ola Skogäng.

Mellanrummet opening hours

Opening hours
Tuesday–Sunday 11.00–16.00
Exceptional opening hours
misdommarafton June 23 – closed
midsommardagen June 24 – closed
söndagen efter midsommardagen June 25 – closed

For children